Origin:  Colorado Springs, CO


Genres:  Rock, Metal, Numetal


Years Active:  2018- Present


Website: lettersfromthesun.com


Colorado Springs, Colorado is where the four members of Letters From The Sun (LFTS) developed their Alt/metal/post-core/progressive sound. With songs about love and tragedy in a misguided society.  LFTS does not hold back emotionally.  The dynamics of each song are akin to the way we each experience life differently.  Mathew Tuttle's controlled dream space guitartones mesh with Dre Wongkumpoo's relaxed and unconfined bass riffs, leaving room for Brandun Keck to punch in powerful drum grooves.  This is all interpreted by vocalist Steven Huckaby, who's range from powerful to light and soothing. From melancholy to chaotic range. This creates a musical substance listeners need inorder to take them on a journey that Letters From The Sun is.

Their 6 song Ep "Entropy" will be released through singles through out the summer. Also, a music video for the first released single on the ep called "December" which had gained attention from 103.9 RXP radio and has been showcased many times. The group already has plans to return to the studio mid summer to record and release more singles. While all of this is happening LFTS has started writing with the goal of releasing a full length by the beginning of 2022.

With shows returning. LFTS has returned to the stage playing limited capacity shows in Colorado Springs and Denver. In the past LFTS has been invited to play along side many nationally recognized bands such as 10 years, Crobot, Bad Wolves, He is Legend, Cold, Otep, Like A Storm and the ''the 68"" to name a few. LFTS is excited to play live and open to booking. A tour is in the planning stages. 

Letters From The Sun is ambitious and energized and ready to show the world their songs and passion for music.


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